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  • Magic Brush - Blue Ice
  • Magic Brush - Blue Ice
  • Magic Brush - Blue Ice
  • Magic Brush - Blue Ice

Harry's Horse

Magic Brush - Blue Ice

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Magic Brush New Colour - Winter 2014/2015

The right choice for a horse brush is often difficult, but not with the new Magic Brush grooming set. This grooming set for hoof, legs and fur is the ideal partner for effective grooming! 
Magic Brush; three times clean, three times fast. 

blue ice

It's magic!

The special bristles -- triangular and conically shaped -- allow cleaning, grooming and massaging all in one action. The brushes can be used on any part of the horse's body -- with the top making a good sweat scraper -- as well as on saddle cloth and riding boots. MagicBrush cleans gently on sensitive parts such as hoof pads, joints and bones, thoroughly removes dried-on-mud and easily frees equestrian clothing from horse hair.

The MagicBrush is a high quality EU product that has won several international prices and awards and is recommended by nameable equestrian magazines such as Cavallo, St. Georg, Hippson, Mein Pferd, Equestrian Trade News (ETN) and others.

MagicBrush is "simply bright" 

The magic brush is the perfect brush during the change of coat on any kind of horse hair. The top side can be used as a sweat scraper.

Simply wash in the washing machine to clean the brushes over and over for perfect results.


Do horses love being brushed with the magic brushes?

YES! - Watch your horse when you groom with the magic brush, it's the funniest thing! They will wiggle to be in the perfect position for a massage and a scratch while you brush them. The magic brushes are even soft enough to brush them on their face. Also after a ride you'll find that brushing with the magic brushes really gives the muscles in their back a good massage, and when you do this while hosing down your horse it will get the sweat and salt out of their coat (eliminating itch because of the salt makes them itchy).


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