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  • Q-Linn Sports Bra Amsterdam
  • Q-Linn Sports Bra Amsterdam
  • Q-Linn Sports Bra Amsterdam
  • Q-Linn Sports Bra Amsterdam
  • Q-Linn Sports Bra Amsterdam
  • Q-Linn Sports Bra Amsterdam
  • Q-Linn Sports Bra Amsterdam
  • Q-Linn Sports Bra Amsterdam
  • Q-Linn Sports Bra Amsterdam
  • Q-Linn Sports Bra Amsterdam


Q-Linn Sports Bra Amsterdam


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Imagine: You're riding down the centreline, determined to get your next personal best results, but even before you halt at X you are distracted by the bra you're wearing. "Is my left shoulder-strap slipping?" Is all you can think of. Completely forgetting if you need to turn right or left at C. 

With the Q.Linn Amsterdam bra you won't have this problem... ever! The bra straps can be locked together to turn into a racerback / cross to give you extra support when you need it most. Added benefit - the shoulder straps stay secure so you can worry about what really matters: Your dressage test.

 What size are you? Find out here

What makes the Q.Linn Amsterdam different from other sports bras?

  1. Soft material that "cuddles" your body
  2. The cups support you without pressing everything to your chest. (benefit is that you can still breathe!)
  3. Super wide and padded straps that can be linked together into a racerback
  4. Memory wire - it follows your body and bounces back into shape (this is to keep you safe no matter what happens!)

Who says that you can't look good while you are riding? Equestrian clothing is all about comfort and style... why stop with shirts and breeches? Your underwear has to be supportive and comfortable ... and look amazing!

The Amsterdam Sports Lingerie Bra comes in a luxe cardboard box with an individual wash bag. 

The Q.Linn Amsterdam Sports Lingerie bra has a full cup for comfort and style. It's a sports bra but looks like lingerie. 

Read more about how a Dutch eventing rider decided to design her own sports Lingerie and how the Equi.Linn brand was born: pdf brochure

What is the difference between Amsterdam and Athens?

The Athens sports bra has a full cup that covers most of the breast, which makes it perfect for a more narrow smaller breast shape.

The Q.Linn Amsterdam sports bra is designed for more round, slightly wider breast shape but has more of a balconet cup size. When measuring yourself for the right size, please be aware that the balconet style of the 'Amsterdam' results in slightly smaller cups. When you're in between sizes it is best to go up a cupsize.



Do you know when your bra fits?

1. Cup size - not too large. When you see the fabric of the bra wrinkle or "pucker" you know the cup size is too big. The cup should fall around the breast without any loose fabric.

2. Cup size - not too small. A cup that is too small is easy to identify: the breast look like they are overflowing over the cups and it almost look like you have 2 breasts at each side. The cup should be smooth over the breast without visible transitions between bra and breast.

3. Back band - not too loose, not too tight. The back band gives the breasts support. This means that the back band needs to have a close fit so it can support the shoulder straps and the breast, but not too tight that it cuts into the skin. A backband that is too loose will ride up the back because of the weight of the breasts. The back band needs to stay horizontal.




Why is the Q.Linn Amsterdam sportsbra for horse riders our best selling product? Well - we can think of three very good reasons:

1. Q.Linn sportslingerie was created by professional horse riders, for horse riders.
This means that the bra has been tried and tested specifically for equestrian pursuits. Our test riders are professional competitors in Eventing, Dressage and Reining.

2. Q.Linn sports lingerie is impossible to see under your horse riding clothing.
Whether you wear them under your white competition breeches (that turned out to be just a little "see-through" or under your jeans, the result is the same: NO visible Panties lines. Go check it out the next time you're riding your horse.. get somebody to take a photo of you on your horse wearing your competition outfit. You won't see your underwear.... promise!

3. Q.Linn sportslingerie is super comfortable, yet very supportive.
Try them on at your local saddlery store and see for yourself how wearing the Q.linn sportslingerie changes the way you think about horse riding underwear...


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