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  • Dr. Show Rug Wash
  • Dr. Show Rug Wash


Dr. Show Rug Wash

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The active ingredient in the formula removes protein stains to clean the rug by effectively removing the protein stains. The other benefit is the formula destroys any bacteria present in the rug.

Our test have proven you can achieve about 50 washes from a 2kgs which is about $0.50 per wash load depending on the size of your machine.

Just remember to not overload your machine and most importantly dissolve the powder in warm to hot water before adding it to the wash.

Tips to improve the performance of our Rug Wash:

  1. Always dissolves the powders in warm/hot water to activate the enzymes.
  2. Mix the Rug Wash up in warm to hot water in a bucket.
  3. Use a soft hair broom, Do Not Scrub with a stiff broom as you may damage the waterproof membrane in the rug.
  4. If required repeat the above steps. The rug in the photo washed cleaned in one application.

 PS - This detergent is also brilliant for work wear!! 

 Client testimonials:

Hi Everyone,
As a rug repairer part of my business is also washing of rugs. My aim is to get the rugs as clean as possible with as little effort as possible. Dr Show Rug Wash is the perfect answer, around 40c per wash and outstanding results.
The pictures depict this with this rug coming to me in need of cleaning, 1 wash and the results are amazing. In the past it would have taken me 2-3 washes to receive the same results, costing time, Money for detergent, electricity and not to mention wear and tear on the machine (the dark shading in the neck rug is not dirt but the satin lining).
Dr Show detergent is the answers to all things dirty, horse rugs, dog blankets and our own work wear.  A lot of my customers have now replaced their everyday detergent with Dr Show's.

Reg Weatherill



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