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Sizing Charts

Q-LINN Measurements.

How to take my measurements for my bra:

1. Take a flexible tape measure and pull it around your ribcage - at the spot where your bra underband would sit. Pull it tight, just like you would do with your bra (but not too tight so you can't breathe). Write down the centimeters.

2. Slide the tape measure up and measure across your breasts (at the point where your breast are the furtherest away from your chest), ideally wear an unpadded bra when you do this. Have the tape measure snug around your breasts, but not too tight. The tape measure should not make an indentation on your skin.
Write down the centimeters.

These two numbers are important for your bra size.

Measurement 1 = Underbust size
For example:
1 = 74cm
2 = 100 cm

This would be a size 75F / 12E

Q-Linn Bra sizing chart

Q-Linn Briefs

The briefs come in 5 different sizes:

XS = size 6-8

S  = size 8 - 10

M = size 10 - 12

L =  size 14 - 16

XL = size 16-18


Harry's Horse Equestrian Clothing

Harry's Horse is a Dutch brand so for your sizes you will need to follow the Northern European conversions. (Most Italian/Spanish / French brands have sizes that are different so be careful when you take your current clothing as a baseline).


In general the ladies sizes are as follows:

36 = ladies 8

38 = ladies 10

40 = ladies 12

42 = ladies 14

44 = ladies 16

46 = ladies 18



In Europe the kids sizing goes by the average height in centimetres.

116 = kids 6

128 = kids 8

140 = kids 10

152 = kids 12

164 = kids 14

176 = kids 16

If in doubt we recommend you choose a size bigger as most of the European kids clothing seems to be fairly slim fitting. To make sure your child is comfortable around the tummy a size up might be the best option.



Again - the Harry's Horse breeches and jodhpurs are European sizing, similar as you would see in slacks or dress pants.

There doesn't seem to be a consensus on the conversion between EU and AU sizing but as a rule of thumb this seems to work for most men:

H44 = AUS 34 = UK 30  =  XS

H46 = AUS 36 = UK 32  =  S

H48 = AUS 38 = UK 34  = M

H52 = AUS 42 = UK 36  = L

H54 = AUS 44 = UK 38  = XL




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