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Ivanka and Ovitz

My name is Ivanka and this is the story behind

Why did I start this business? It's not like I had nothing else to do... I run a number of businesses and am married to the most wonderful man in the world with whom I have a fabulous son. My life was (and is) extremely happy and I never even considered to take my horse riding and equestrian interest from a hobby into a business.

I have been riding since I was 12 and  focus my training mainly on dressage, going to clinics and competing at 2nd level (Elementary level in Australia). 

So what happened?

Early 2011 my horse Ovitz got sick... I never expected this to happen. We had been together since 2002 (when he was a lanky 2 year old) and he had never been really sick before. Sure, we had our series of little injuries and mishaps, but this was different.

In April he started coughing - not your normal standard cough, but a deeply disturbing cough. No matter what we did, the cough didn't seem to improve. 

That's when I started looking at his living environment and we made the following changes:

  1. Added special herbs to his diet
  2. Changed from hay to haylage
  3. Changed his stable bedding

And this seemed to do the trick! Especially when we changed the stable bedding his health improved immensely! I am so happy with the results that I asked if I could sell the Guardian horse bedding pine shavings to other horse lovers, and they said "yes".

(We have since swapped to Proteq Equine Bedding, which works just as well and is even easier to get as it is a local product) is a company built out of a necessity as I was always struggling to find a consistent, trusted source of pine shavings for my horses and I am very proud that I can now help make a difference to the health of other horses and the sanity of horse owners. I know how stressful it is to see your horse getting sick. And I also know how frustrated it is to try and find your next load of sawdust... there is always a reason why there is a delay in supply. 

Please talk to me about your requests for other products for you or your horse. What are the products you struggle to find? How can I help you make your horse life easier and more positive?

Ovitz 2015Ovitz 2015

Ivanka Menken

PS - Ovitz has made a full recovery and is healthier than ever! He has put on all his weight and even better: his muscles and the vets constantly mention how healthy he looks!


Rest assured: is a real company is the trading name of Emereo Pty Ltd.

ABN: 84 114 392 371

Office address:

Emereo Pty Ltd, 22B/302 South Pine Road, Brendale QLD 4500

SHOWROOM Opening Hours:

Mon - Fri

8AM - 4.30PM

Stable Door Pickup Address - for Proteq:

45 Banmore Court, Dayboro, QLD 4521


Office contact details: 

Phone  07 - 3881 2015
Fax      07 - 33 196 172

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