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  • Horse & Co Natural Soy Candle


Horse & Co Natural Soy Candle


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Follow the scent .... let your mind wander .... feel the relaxation enter your body.

Seriously - these are amazing candles! Hand-made in Victoria each of these candles is a labour of love. And you can smell this! 

The fragrances are amazing and will fill your room, house or stable (ha!) within minutes.

100% natural soy wax candle.  No harmful chemicals!

Directions of use:

Burn your candle 2-3hrs on the first burn to set a nice melt pool.  This will stop tunnelling in the wax.

Trimming the wick before each burn, will help the candle last longer.


Fragrances are:

Golden Amber - A hint of cinnamon toffee waffles

Polo - smells like fresh linen

Spring Carnival - floral frangipani

Green Tea & Lemon Grass

Vanilla & Caramel

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