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Top 5 Questions Every Female horse rider with cup sizes up to an F cup Needs To Ask About the Barcelona Bra

Posted on 31 December 2017

The Q-Linn Barcelona bra was launched in Australia in June of last year and it has quickly established itself as the leading sports bra for equestrian sports.

During the past 12 months the following important questions keep coming up:

1. Do these bras work for horse riding?

YES -  The  Q-Linn bras have been designed and created by professional equestrians and every design is tested in the saddle. The testing process is quite funny actually as small changes to the design have a big impact on the effectiveness of the bra! 

The test riders are competing in dressage, showjumping, eventing, reining. These bras are also tested by recreational trail riders. Only the best designs are approved for manufacture and sale.

2. What is the size range for the Barcelona bra?

The Barcelona bra has been specifically designed for the larger breast sizes. Cup sizes range from C to H cup.

Band sizes range from 8 - 22.

Barcelona Violet Ice Colour is available in size 10C - 22G and 20H

Barcelona Anthracite Colour is available in size 8C - 22G and 20H


3. How does this bra work to stop the bounce?

The Q-Linn Barcelona bra has a couple of very smart design features that help stop the bounce:

- The wire under the cup encapsulate the breast to separate them 

- The fabric has a slight compression feel to give the breast tissue support

- The T-Bar closure on the back helps to create support from the back rather than the shoulders as it connects the straps to the under band for a more overall support structure.

- Multi adjustable straps ensure that you have the best possible fit to help support the weight of the breasts and stop the bounce.


4. What is so different about the Barcelona bra in comparison to other sports bras?

A couple of things are different. First of all, there are not many sports bras that are designed to support breasts during horse riding. The movement of your breast tissue is quite different when you're riding from when you're running or going to the gym.

The underwire used in the Barcelona bra is a patented 'shape recovery' wire. This soft wire gives support to the structure of the bra and separates the breasts but is not fixed or firm. It doesn't dig into the breast tissue and will bounce back every time it is bent or flexed.

In addition to this soft wire there is an additional level of comfort due to the gel casing of the wire. This stops the wire from digging into breast tissue and it won't cause irritation or chafing. (if the correct size is chosen)

5. How do I find my size?

Sizing is important. The Q-Linn Barcelona bras are fully adjustable and give support during the most intense activities, but only when you wear the correct size. 

When the cup size is too small the wire will sit on top of your breast tissue and the bra doesn't provide proper support anymore.

When the under band is too large, the bra will slide and hang off your shoulders - this will cause headaches and sore shoulders and back. It will no longer provide you with the correct support.

You will need to measure your band size AND the cup size to find the correct sizing.

Here's how to measure yourself:

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