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Is this helmet legal in Australia?

Posted on 19 June 2015

Since we started selling Harry's Horse Helmets, people ask us if these helmets are safe in Australia. Well - the short answer is: YES! These helmets are certified with the EN1384 standard and are approved by Equestrian Australia, PonyClub and Camp-drafting associations in Australia.

Campdrafting Australia helmet rule 2015:

FOR ALL MOUNTED ACTIVITES AT PONY CLUB • AS/NZS 3838 (joint Australian/New Zealand standard) • PAS 015 (British standard) • BSEN 1384 (joint British/European standard) • EN1384 (European standard) • ASTM F1163 (American standard)


HELMET Equestrian helmet AS/NZS 3838, EN 1384 or ASTM F1163, with an effective chin strap. Riders with unstamped helmets of the required specification will not be expected to replace them. Only black, brown, navy blue & white are allowed for competition (Refer also General Rules.17)

Equestrian Australia 

Approved safety helmets are to be worn at all times with the retaining harness secured and fastened when training/practicing at an event. Whenever a safety helmet is worn whilst competing the retaining harness must be secured and fastened. Failure to have the harness fastened will entail elimination. Current accepted safety helmet standards are: a) AS/NZS 3838 (Current Australian Standard) b) EN 1384 (Current European Standard) c) ASTN F1163 (Current US Standard)


But what about the changes in Europe? I heard the standard is changing?

Europe is currently undergoing a change in the safety standards for helmets. The British Horse Society made the following announcement In December 2014:

No need to stress..... the helmet you bought is safe and will continue to be 'legal':

<<... The withdrawal of the standard has no effect on riding hats already on the market. Once a hat has been manufactured to a standard, it will not become non-standard after withdrawal and can continue to be sold and worn. If riders have hats certified to EN 1384, they can continue to use them unless stated otherwise by rules of competition. ... >>

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