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Q.Linn Barcelona bra for horse riding

Posted on 26 May 2016

Horse riding has become so much more comfortable for women with cup sizes C, D, DD, E and F. The Barcelona sportsbra is made specifically to give support during horse riding activities.

What makes this bra so unique is that all design and testing is done in line with the specific requirements for horse riding. All sample bras were worn during a dressage and showjumping session and feedback was collected to improve the bra fitting. This continued for almost 3 years until finally we had a bra that looks nice and also gives the right support during horse riding activities.

The Q.Linn bras benefit from the latest technologies and inventions in lingerie design. For example - just like the Amsterdam and Athens style this bra has a memory wire that is flexible and moves with your body. This flexibility eliminates the painful stabbing of the wire in between your ribs.

The benefit of the flexible wire is also that it doesn't painfully dig into your soft tissue on those days when you retain a little more fluids.


Why can't I just wear a standard sports bra?

Most sports bras are designed to stop a combination of a little vertical motion with horizontal motion of the breast tissue. To minimise the movement of tissue most sports bras are build to compress the soft tissue against our skeleton.

Horse riding is a bit different through: First of all, compression is not preferred during horse riding as it restricts the natural movement of our body.

Check out this short video on how our spine and rib cage moves during the 3 natural gates (walk, trot, canter)


Look at the movement of the rib cage - if you wear a bra that is compression based this will interfere with your breathing patterns and natural movement of your ribs. 

This is the reason why the Q.Linn sports bras are based on encapsulation - supporting the soft breast tissue without compression.

The Barcelona bra also has a T-bar support structure on the back - this means that the support is spread over your shoulders and upper back. Removing the strain from just the shoulders and enabling continued blood flow to your neck, head and brain.

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