Why Proteq Equine Bedding in your stables

Why Proteq Equine Bedding in your stables

Proteq Equine bedding is hands down the best bedding you'll use in your horse stable. It is all natural without any chemical additions.

You can keep your horse stabled 24x7 on this bedding and it maintains its 'springy' and absorbent nature. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. How many bags do I need? 

The initial setup for a stable requires 1 bag per square meter. For example: a 3.6m x 3.6m stable = 12.96m2 so this would require 13 bags of Proteq to get started. (which is exactly right, as I started one stable with 14 bags, which was too much, and the second stable I started with 12 bags which I felt wasn't quite enough).

 2. Will my horse eat it?

While the pellets look like hard feed to us, your horse won't eat them. When you feed horse from the floor (which is healthier for your horse's respiratory system) they might inhale a couple of pellets. But that won't cause any issues... most likely it will act as psyllium husks. Remember - Proteq is all natural without any chemical additions. All they will eat is a little bit of pine tree fibre.

3. How often do I need to add new sawdust?

Once you have your stable going, you clean it as per normal. Each day you remove the manure and the wet spots. When you feel you've taken out a lot of sawdust, you add a few pellets back into the stable. On average you will use 1 - 2 bags per week. (depending on how clean your horse is, and how many hours per day your horse is stabled)

4. Can I use Proteq for other animals?

YES! Many people use Proteq as kitty litter. For the exact same reason as we use it for our horses: it's low dust and highly absorbent. As an extra bonus, Proteq smells lovely when it gets wet - that faint smell of pine forests. 

For that same reason I would think you can use it as bedding for chickens, Guinea pigs, rats and other pets.

 5. Do I get a discount?

YES! We offer volume discounts. Orders of 12 bags get 5% off the price of a single bag, and when you purchase a pack of 24 bags, you get 10% discount on your purchase.

Single bags are $14

When you buy Proteq Equine Bedding in lots of 24, the price per bag drops to $12.60

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