Why Female horse riders Fail To Stop the bounce

Why Female horse riders Fail To Stop the bounce

Breasts don't have muscles - so no matter how much we work out, they will not become stronger and more toned. It's up to us to support our breasts as well as we can.

(Although, the more we work out and the more we eat healthy the lower our body fat percentage will be.. including around our breasts).

We've all seen pictures of breast tissue, so in theory we know that our breasts are only supported by skin and some fatty tissue.

However, you only have to attend a horse riding school, dressage competition or barrel racing event to see very quickly that this anatomical knowledge doesn't translate to smart fashion choices.

Many women create too much bounce and put their skin tissue at risk because of the type of bra that they wear.

We fail to stop the bounce because:

1. We wear a sports bra without underwire

2. We wear a sports bra that doesn't support the entire breast

3. We wear a sports bra that is too large / too small / too old

Horses Store Sports lingerie is the only brand available on the market where every style is literally tested 'in the saddle'. Every bra is worn while riding and the feedback goes back to the design team.

The Barcelona bra (pictured below on the running girl) offers a range up to an Australian F cup.

For more information on the sports lingerie range and to find your nearest stockist go to: https://horses-store.com/collections/bras

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