What's so special about these magic brushes?

What makes magic brushes so special?

When you look at the magic brushes they don't seem to be so special. The brushes are made from plastic and feel quite stiff at first. But don't be fooled! These brushes are amazing!

What makes these magic brushes so special is the way the bristles are made. They are stiff and soft at the same time. You can use the brush as a curry comb, as well as a body brush all over your horse. And with 'all over' we mean... ALL over! From the tip of the head to the bottom of the hind legs and even the hoofs.

The magic brushes are soft enough to use on the jaw and the sensitive parts of your horse's head and tough enough to clean the mud and rubbish from the nooks in their fetlocks.

Magic Brushes in the wash bay

While you will use your magic brushes each day for grooming, we also recommend to keep one of your magic brushes in the wash bay. Again, the magic is in the bristles. They help to really get the shampoo and conditioner deep in the coat for a deeper clean while using less shampoo.

As an added bonus, the back of the magic brushes can be used as a sweat scraper. This saves you time and money.

For a review on the magic brushes please check out this article: http://horses-store.com.au/elbow-grease-and-a-touch-of-magic/

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