Dusty Stable Bedding?

Dusty Stable Bedding?

We've been using Proteq Equine Bedding for a couple of years now and we love the product. Yes, it's expensive to start a stable, but once you're finished with setting up, your horse will love the soft sand like stable bedding. 

Clean Proteq Stable

Cleaning the stables is a breeze - all you do is pick up the manure and the sloppy, soggy completely saturated wet patches. 

The patches that are a little bit wet you turn over so it can dry out - the moisture level in the bedding is extremely low so wet bedding dries pretty quickly. Don't forget to sprinkle the stable with a bit of water (about 30 second) every time you clean out the stable. This will stop the bedding from breaking down too much and getting dusty.

When you do this every day you will have a great stable bedding for your horse that is easy and cheap in ongoing maintenance. Only top op when you take out bedding - on average 1 - 2 bags per week.

Don't forget to completely turn the entire stable bedding every time you muck out - this will stop had patches from forming on the bottom of the stable floor.

After about 18 - 24 months you will notice that the bedding is getting dusty. No matter what you do it just doesn't seem to settle. That's a sign your stable is ready for a new layer of proteq. 

We do this during summer when the horses can be turned out into the paddock for a few days. We completely empty the stables (Proteq makes great mulch so you don't waste anything!) and pressure clean the floors, walls and stable doors. 

Once it has completely dried out, we start again with a new layer of Proteq Bedding. Our stables are 3.6m x 3.6m with a concrete floor and I use 15 bags for a nice deep and soft bedding.


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