Underwire Sports Bra Keeps You Safe

Underwire Sports Bra Keeps You Safe


For many women, wearing an underwire bra is something that has to be endured.

For a variety of reasons, the underwire digs in, cuts or is just simply uncomfortable. I've also heard people mention that they don't want to wear an underwire bra while horseriding because of the fear that the wire will stab them in between their ribs when they fall off.

The Equi.Linn underwire is flexible and safe


Safety First

In 2012 I went to The Netherlands and saw the bras in a saddlery store. While I was immediately drawn to the lingerie style and the fact that you can't see the bra under white competition clothing, I must admit that one of the things that I love most about the bras is the underwire.

The underwire is completely different from a 'normal' sports bra. It reacts like a memory wire. You can move it in all directions, and even tie it in a knot (see image above), and it bounces back in the original form. 

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The benefits are obvious:

  1. The underwire bra follows your body around while being active in the saddle
  2. The underwire bra continues to support your breast tissue whilst being flexible during the most demanding sport activities
  3. The underwire bra continues to support without damaging your breast tissue when your body weight fluctuates
  4. The underwire doesn't easily stab you in between the ribs when you fall off your horse.

So for ultimate support and a superb level of comfort during horse riding activities, you must try out the sports bras.

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