Stop the bounce : About the New Horses Store Bras

Stop the bounce : About the New Horses Store Bras

"Just keep your back straight and zip up your tummy muscles, your horse will step into a nice big passage all by himself" - that's the last thing I heard my dressage instructor tell me before I was distracted by pain. O...M....G.... why does it hurt so much?

I feel like my boobs are moving from my belly button to my ears! Please stop the bounce. I don't want to do this anymore! If this is what it takes to do upper level dressage, then I don't want to do it. This hurts. Wasn't this supposed to be fun?!?!

Stop the Bounce

I would do anything to stop the bounce... This was in the spring of 2011, but I remember it like it was yesterday. My horse did everything he was supposed to do but what he created was this massive springy bouncy trot that I just couldn't cope with. There was just too much bounce.

Yes I knew that I put on a little weight and that my breasts had grown in cup size from a D to a DD, but that wasn't too bad and didn't really bother me too much normally.

Ovitz (my horse) found a new spring in his trot and I found that my normal sports bra just wasn't coping. 

Horse riding is fun again with Q-Linn sports bra

That's when my quest started for the perfect sports bra for dressage. I tried everything - the super extreme bounce support from Victoria Secret but I really didn't find this comfortable to ride in at all as it really restricted my ribs. Within 10 minutes of riding I felt like I couldn't breathe anymore and I needed to take multiple breaks throughout a 60 minute riding session.

And trying to get out of it!.. oh my.. I felt like a contortionist in Cirque de Soleil! LOL I had to ask my husband to get me out of my bra as I couldn't do it by myself.

Normally I ride in Berlei or Triumph sports bras and while they are OK for trail riding and some low impact riding, I found the tops of my breast started to bounce when I went into a sitting trot. Also it annoyed me that the straps keep sliding down.

Also - with both the Berlei and Triumph brands I found that the straps really cut into my skin. Perhaps the straps were too narrow or not padded enough? Not sure... 

Anyway - as always I kept looking and spending more money on sports bras than I really should...


 In 2013 we visited the family in The Netherlands and quite unexpectedly I found a sports bra - in a saddlery store of all places! This bra was made specifically for horse riding it said. 
Naturally I was sceptical but when I did my impression of a sitting trot in the fitting room (C'mon, don't judge me! I know you've done that same thing...!) I really liked the support.

Especially when you hooked the straps into a cross on the back - nice. No slipping straps and additional support for horse riding.

This bra was from the Horse Store's range and there were 2 styles: Athens and Amsterdam. Both styles were available in B, C and D cup.

I liked this so I bought a couple to try out - and I fell in love with the brand. OK - I have to be honest, my preference is the Amsterdam bra as I really like the wide straps and it just really seems to fit my body type.

Horse Riding bra for DD, E, F Cup

The third style 'Barcelona' came 3 years later - and is entirely the result of demand from Australian women. We needed a bra that supports women with DD, E and F cups and Horses store delivered...

This bra is exceptional - it is so supportive, comfortable and fabulous to wear. The Horses store bra is unique - there is no other bra that delivers the same results.

Next time I'm going to do upper level dressage again I will definitely be wearing the Horses store bra.

Happy horse riders raving about the Q-Linn sports bra for horse riding

Want to stop the bounce? Get yourself a Horses store Bra, you won't regret it. (Horse riding is supposed to be fun!)

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