Secrets To Full support and comfort while you're riding your horse

Secrets To Full support and comfort while you're riding your horse

Horse riding can be painful for your breasts. The discomfort of bouncing up and down is no secret amongst female horse riders.

Over the years women have been sharing hints and tips to keep 'the girls' still while riding. Some women wear multiple bras or strap themselves in with flexible bandages. Anything to keep the breast tissue from moving during horse riding.

Can't you just wear a sports bra?

Sure - a sports bra will help with supporting your boobs but there are 3 things that women experience while horse riding:

  1. Most sports bras are based on a compression system. This means that your breast tissue is pushed against your chest. While this works when you're in the gym or going out for a run, when you're riding it means that your ribs don't have a lot of room to move. This lack of movement interferes with your breathing and your riding (ever had your instructor tell you to breathe better while doing a sitting trot?)
  2. Most sports bras are build to stop horizontal movement of breast tissue. The thing with horse riding is that most of the movement is vertical (bouncing up and down.. ever had the feeling your boobs were reaching toward your ears??). Shoulder straps need to be padded and each breast needs to be supported on the top as well as on the sides.
  3. The underwire can be dangerous for horse riders. Most sports bras use underwire that is rigid and very sturdy. While this may sound like a good thing, it can actually damage breast tissue while riding - or even worse when you fall off your horse!

The secret to the success of the Horses Store range of sports bras is in the fact that these bras are made for horse riding and equestrian activities.

The special design considerations for the Horses Store bras are:

  1. Full encapsulation of the breast. This gives superb support while having the added comfort of full rib motion.
  2. Each bra style has the option to clip as a cross on the back. This creates the benefit of additional vertical bounce support and the added bonus that the padded straps don't slide off the shoulder while riding.
  3. The memory wire - a flexible wire that supports the breasts without digging into the tissue.

For more information on the Horses Store range of sports bras click HERE 

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