Ride a horse for by yourself …

Ride a horse for by yourself


This is an article that I have wanted to write for years, and for some reason unknown to me, I have never managed to start it. I have a lot to say about it, but I miss the structure, and I miss it too. It's a subject that I've taken far too seriously for years, and it's time to get out of this paralysis.

Maybe it will speak to you, or maybe not ... My little finger tells me that I am far from being the only one to feel all this, and that if it can offer comfort, relief or simply some lines of thought , my job is done! Poke with the little pen who wrote to me about it and that allowed me to leave all that.

Why horseback riding ?

Whether for love for the animal, for outdoor activities, for nature, for sport ... Whatever the reason, your practice has started with and for you. Something animated you, and brought you to practice an equestrian activity.

And then you dipped in your head first, and you had your first disappointments: a big worry of health, a big stress in stroll, a bad fall, an unforeseen veto invoice, gossip of all kinds in the stable, permanent criticism, in short ... You realized, like all of us down here on Earth, that in order to practice riding equitably and to flourish, we had to love our horses.

In any case, I do not know anyone who did not start riding because he liked it, or he loved horses.



Who do you do horse riding for?

I have already already actively repeated on this blog, our era type social network tends to expose much, much, much what others do or say. This leads inevitably - it's human - to a desire to compare, to be in the middle of all these people who post photos, videos of them, who seem to do extraordinary things with Caramel.

Too often, this leads to feelings of anxiety, stress, or even sadness; it is one of the bad news of social networks that has been singled out by psychologists, especially among young people. This is really not to neglect, even if you are 30 years old.

Why are you going to the pony today? Why did you do this type of session, why did you do this exercise? How was your meeting built and for what purpose?

Can you say 200% that you did everything for you and your horse only? Or for others, even indirectly?


 everything for you and your horse only

Surrealistic or impossible comparisons

I ask all my students on the internship what is their biggest dream, the craziest dream they could have.

All have different dreams, different desires, but they all have in common the desire to do it with a full-blown horse, good in his head, good in his body, and super motivated.

Sometimes they take a long time to confess to me their dream, because it is, in their own words, "impossible".

Conversely, some set completely surreal goals, and once launched in pursuit of this goal, they completely depressed, thinking that they are bad and unable, because so and Facebook has arrived in a situation that seems.

Every horse and every human is unique. Every situation is unique. Comparing itself loses meaning from there. Even if you have the same means, a horse of the same level, and the same coach, your mind may be different, or the mind of your horse may be different. Your schedule may be different. Your tastes, may be different , it's horse training ...


when in truth it is not what your horse loves


Why do you insist on doing the obstacle, when in fact you do not really like it and your favorite is the ride? On the other hand, why condemn equestrian sport because with your digital entourage, "it's bad", while you adore that? Why do you stubborn on something that does not go well in freedom, when in truth it is not what your horse loves?

The answer is often linked, ready or distant, to the self-created image, based on what is believed to be the expectation of the other.

Is there a solution?

Getting into the infernal gear of comparison to others can be very detrimental. Personally, I always recommend to seize good books of personal development type "The Subtle Art of Not giving a Fuck" of Mark Manson, or "You Are a Badass" of Jen Sincero, there are hundreds very well writings and that can create ideas, tracks in your head, to get out of this vicious circle.


You Are a Badass horse

Then, personally, I like to encourage my students to focus on what they have to do, not on the business of others. Limit your time spent on social networks, expose yourself less, take the time to create a small laboratory around you and your horse, and constantly explore the possibilities of your equestrian research. Focus on the real world and your horse. In general, things are much better at once .

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