I can't feel my boobs!

I can't feel my boobs!

I'm so excited! After months of waiting for my bra I finally get to wear it horseriding. This may not sound exciting... but trust me: it is!

So many women have given me their personal feedback (read: glowing reports) about the horse riding bra that I just had to check it for myself.

Now - before I continue I need to share some personal information. I am a 46 year old mother of one who breastfed for 14 months. I currently wear a size 12D bra.

I know - too much info - but that gives you some context to the rest of this article.

How do I get in this thing?

Wearing the horseback riding bra for the first time is an interesting experience. You put it on like a normal bra. Once it's all sitting nicely (the straps are long or short enough) you need to follow the straps with your hands to the base of your neck to attach the "bikini clip". I must admit - it took me 3 goes before I felt how the clip was supposed to be closed. But once I got it I was immediately impressed!

Rather that a squishing feeling, the bra gives you that immediate sensation of support. It still looks like you have breasts when you wear a shirt over the top - goodbye uniboob!

Does this bra work?

Of course I needed to check if it really worked so I jumped up and down in front of the mirror and while every part of my body jiggled and bounced, my breasts did NOT! They just sat there - kept in place by this beautiful looking bra.

But this is a sports bra so I needed to test it while riding my very unbalanced and gangly young horse. Normally this would mean that I bounce all over the place so it is a good test case.

Passed the test with flying colours! I didn't even think about the bra, or my breasts during the entire ride. I couldn't feel them bounce or move... in fact the only thing I felt was this slight sensation on my back in between my shoulder blades which reminded me to sit up straight and keep my shoulders back.

The best things about this bra is that I didn't  feel the need to immediately take it off after my ride. I've ridden in so many sports bras over the years that gave me sore shoulders, a stiff neck or a massive headache. Some are so bad that I had to take it off immediately after a one-hour ride.

Not with the horse riding bra - the weight of the breasts is distributed evenly and you don't really feel that pressure on your shoulders. I walked around in this bra for the entire day without any drama.

Would I recommend this bra for horse riding?

YES - absolutely. Just be sure you measure yourself before you purchase. The cup size is true to size but you need to make sure the gel covered wire is sitting in the right angle. If your bra is too small it will sit on top of your breast tissue which is not a good thing... 

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