Horse riders in pain because of bra issues

Horse riders in pain because of bra issues

Since the research data from Sport Medicine Australia came out about Exercise and Breast Support, there have been a lot more emphasis on the issue.

We are delighted to see articles like the one from come out as it supports why we are so  passionate about our Horses store sports bras.

Everything mentioned in the articles basically supports why Horses store bras are so fantastic for female horse riders.

The recommendation from Sports Medicine Australia says:

"A supportive bra should minimise breast movement.  Ideally your breasts should move in unison with your torso and not bounce excessively by themselves. The less they move, the better. However, some supportive bras can be uncomfortable. You need to try and ensure you have a supportive bra that is also comfortable to wear." 

How does Horses store fit in with these recommendations?


The underband is wide and soft. It sits on your skin without excessive digging in while stopping your breasts from moving up. The band is wider in the Barcelona style bra as this bra supports up to an F cup.


The straps in each Horses store bra are wide, padded and soft to provide you comfort while you ride. Especially the straps on the Amsterdam bra are super wide to ensure they don't dig in while riding.

As additional benefit - the Horses store bra straps can be hooked together on the back to ensure they don't slide off your shoulders while exercising or rider. One less thing to worry about.


The Horses store bras are designed around the philosophy that each breast must be encapsulated, rather than compressed around the body. 
This created extra comfort when you wear this bra but also ensures your breast tissue is protected from excessive pressure and movement.


The underwire is important for the vertical bounce support of your breasts during exercise and horse riding. However, the standard wire in bras can dig into your breast tissue when it doesn't fit the shape of your breast.
To help with this issue, all Horses store bras are designed with a patented memory wire, which is soft enough to protect the breast tissue but strong enough to support it.

Added benefit of this memory wire is that is follows the movement of your body, lessening the risk of piercing you when you fall off your horse.
The Barcelona bra is fitted with a gel encapsulated version of this memory wire for additional protection and comfort.

This image shows the flexibility of the memory wire (below) in comparison to a normal wire used in sport bras.


Horses store bras are made from a super soft and luxurious material that wicks moisture away from your body so it doesn't irritate your skin. 

In addition there are mesh panels to increase ventilation and wearability of the bra, this is designed because of the high intensity of equestrian events and the need for heat to be removed from your body as fast as possible. 

In conclusion - the Horses store sports bras tick all the design boxes to be the best sports bra available on the Australian market for female horse riders.

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