How to use Proteq Bedding as Cat Litter

How to use Proteq Bedding as Cat Litter

Today another happy cat owner (Mrs. S) came to pick up Proteq as her kitty litter solution. She loves it! 

"Proteq is so easy to use, and it smells fantastic. "

How to use Proteq as Kitty litter?

  1. buy a double tray cat litter box. (not required, but it makes life a lot easier)
  2. spread the Proteq pellets on the top layer.
  3. Each day give the top layer a shake. The 'used' sawdust will fall to the bottom of the tray, leaving only fresh Pine Pellets ready to continue their work.


You don't have to use it with a two piece sieve but a two piece sieve tray makes each kilo last much longer. With a two piece sieve litter tray only the wet litter is removed. You only have to add a small amount of litter to replace the litter that has absorbed the liquid.

Proteq is great for composting. The used sawdust can easily be spread  on the lawn or mix into garden beds. Not to be used in vegetable gardens. Be health conscious: Always wash your hands after handling soiled litter and wear gloves. 

Added benefit? Proteq smells fantastic!  

The naturally occurring anti-bacterial oils in the wood work faster on odour by inhibiting the growth of bacteria which causes the ammonia smell.

How many bags do I need?

Mrs. S has one cat, and a 15kg bag of Proteq lasts her for approx. 1-2 months (but you'll be able to gauge from your current kitty litter use how much you'll need).

NOTE: Every cat is an individual so pay attention to your cat’s litter box habits to see whether you need to adjust that level up or down.

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