Why Equestrians love online shopping


Most horsey people (aka 'equestrians') lead busy lives. Apart from work, family, friends and other social activities you also have a horse to look after. This often means that when the stables are cleaned, or the manure cleaned out of the paddock, your horse groomed and cared for, your tack cleaned and conditioned and the feed-room cleaned and organised that there isn't much time to go shopping.

This is why most equestrians love online shopping! You can shop for your favourite pair of breeches, or a bridle for your horse at 2am on a Sunday morning if that's the only time you have spare for these type of activities... ;-)


Horses-store.com offers free shipping on all orders over $75 and we ship the same day when your order is in before 3pm. How convenient is that? No wonder you love online shopping!... No need to go to a busy shopping area trying to park your car, no need to get changed out of your riding gear in casual wear just because you need to pick up some stuff from the saddlery. When you shop at horses-store.com you can do this from the comfort of your own couch. Sit down with your favourite beverage, curl your legs under you and search for the perfect competition outfit or maybe a set of magic brushes for you horse... 

If you can't find what you're looking for - simply contact us and we will try to find it for you! We're here to help you to look great and comfortable in the saddle!

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